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Junior Software Developer

Writes well designed and efficient code by using the company development practices.

Skills: Required
PHP and SQL (LAMP) experience – 1 year +
MVC PHP framework (Symfony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, etc)
Experience working with APIs and Web Services (e.g. REST and SOAP)
Competent front-end skills; particularly HTML, but ideally some CSS and     JavaScript (JQuery) experience
Version control (Git preferred otherwise SVN)
Shell experience, such as version control and basic Apache modifications

Skills: Desirable
Deployment tools, e.g. Capistrano
Continuous integration, e.g. Jenkins
Unit testing, e.g. PHPUnit
Looking to bring ideas and encourage progress

The Role
Working in a team of developers alongside front-end developers and Project Managers
Clearly defined role and objectives
Proven company structure and processes means you focus on development
Waterfall and agile methodologies applied depending on the client and project
Working on a huge variety of projects, both in scale and industry
Working with the Company’s framework built on Symfony

Write well designed and efficient code by using the company development practices.
Write unit tests for the code.
Review code, document it and change the code according to reviews results.
Find technical solutions to implement the user specifications.
Create and maintain software documentation.
Stay plugged into emerging technologies/industry trends and apply them into operations and activities.
Cooperate with team members on code implementation, code reviews and code design.

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