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Inovo Solutions is a leading Romanian provider Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity products and services. Inovo has a strong commitment to open source community and supports more than 15 repositories on GitHub site. Given how much we’ve benefited from using open source tools, we think it’s important to give back to the open source community, which is why we regularly contribute patches and bug fixes to the libraries we use. Technology is moving fast, so we keep up!

Home Automation

More control over your house and you’ll going to have fun building it!


Weather Station

Whether you’re a professional meteorologist, a weather hobbyist or an analyst, building your own mini-weather station can be a really rewarding project

Micro irrigation system house plants

Watering your plants in the apartment when you’re in a holiday isn’t any more a problem

Automated Windows shades

Automated electric shades integrated in a home automation system by Bluetooth

IoT Speech to text

Building a remote controlled speaker “text to speech” ability

Rain prediction

DYI Rain Prediction Using Arduino, Python and Keras

Other projects

Robot object follower with computer vision

The idea behind robotic object follower is: viewing an object from the robot’s perspective.

Article date: Nov 19, 2017

Android Controlled Robot Spy Camera

Controlling robots never been so easy, but nowadays the impossible is possible.

Article date: Apr 18, 2017

MultiSensor Adaptive Platform

In the IoT era being connected and informed all the time is the thing that matters!

Article date: Nov 4, 2017


Security assesment of commercial Alarm Systems

Alarm systems weaknesses and ways to overcome them

Article date: Feb 18, 2017

Security assement on USB Human Interface Device

Simulate a possible USB attack using a human interface device

Article date: Jan 30, 2018