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Robot object follower with computer vision

This project will help you to build a mobile camera
robot. The robot brain is a Raspberry PI3 powered
by Python 3 and Ppencv. The algorithm recognizes a
specific predefined color and commands the robot
in the direction of the object.

Technologies and concepts:

  • Development platforms: Arduino, Raspberry PI, Android;
  • Electronics: H-bridge, using a transistor to drive a big load, infrared sensors;
  • Linux: using docker, docker compose, configuring services using systemctl, video streaming;
  • Programming: Android applications, Python, Arduino language, serial communication, MQTT .

The robot platform have the following specifications:

  • traction on the front wheels by two separately DC motors;
  • the back wheels aree able to move in any direction 360 degrees;
  • the direction is controlled by varying speed on the front wheels so no separately direction mechanism is needed, also the robot will be able to rotate on the spot;
  • the robot have lights on the top;
  • the robot have enough room for the electronics, batteries, and a Raspberry Pi case with a camera;
  • sufficient ground clearance to overcome small obstacles.


Article date: Nov 19, 2017

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